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100 Years

To enter Ukraine, the Preparatory Department sends an official invitation to the applicant, which is what they need to get an Entry-Visa at the Embassies of Ukraine.

V.I. Vernadsky Taurida National University is accepting foreign citizens to study at the preparatory department (after completed full secondary education), after the University's invitation, on the contractual basis.

To get the official invitation to study at the preparatory faculty, applicants give the following information: name and surname, date of birth, passport number, current address, as well as where they will get the visa (country and city where the nearest Embassy of Ukraine is).

  1. Prepare the invitation documents:
    • Online application form
    • an electronic copy of entire secondary education and grades (in English);
    • an electronic copy of the passport of a foreign citizen (in English);
    • written permission of the applicant to process their personal data in English (the form is attached).
  2. After receiving the invitation from the university to get an Entry-Visa at the Ukrainian Embassy, as well as to cross the border and to enter the preparatory faculty, the applicant provides the following documents:
    • original copy of invitation;
    • a copy of the birth certificate certified by a notary;
    • a copy of education certificate with subjects and grades certified by a public notary;
    • A medical certificate issued by a qualified doctor not earlier than two months before the entry into Ukraine;
    • a HIV-free certificate ;
    • a return ticket with an open date of return to the home country up to one year;
    • 12 photos sized 3x4 cm.
  3. After successful visa interview, applicant shall arrive in Ukraine.

The applicant shall inform the Preparatory Department about the date of his entry into Ukraine and the number of the flight of the aircraft (or train) by which he arrives, no later than 3 days before arrival.

The Preparatory Department provides a meeting of applicant and accommodation in a hostel.

After entering Ukraine, the applicant needs to submit his documents within 1-2 days to the university for processing the registration, enrollment at the preparatory faculty, registration of the insurance policy in case of emergency medical aid and also submit the following documents:

  1. Online application form
  2. certificate of graduation from the preparatory department for foreign citizens (n/a for foreign citizens entering the preparatory department or who have certificates with Russian language assessments)
  3. copy of the document on full secondary education showing subjects and grades
  4. original and copy of the bachelor’s certificate (no less than four years study) – this applies to applicants who want to study at Master’s level
  5. a HIV-free certificate
  6. medical certificate of health attested by a qualified doctor, issued no earlier than two months before entering the Ukraine
  7. insurance policy in case of emergency medical care (except for those arriving from countries with which Ukraine has prior agreements on free emergency medical care)
  8. copy of the birth certificate
  9. 12 photographs sized 60x40 mm

The national passport is submitted personally. Passport must be at least 1 year old,

Documents 3, 4, 6, 8 must be certified according to the law of the country they came from, translated into Ukrainian, legalized and nostrificated in the manner set by the state authorities of Ukraine (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine) unless otherwise provided by international agreements of Ukraine.

  1. A foreign citizen, within a three-day period after crossing the border, must submit a national passport to the inspector of the passport and visa service of the educational-scientific center of international education to receive the registration and get a certificate of temporary residence in Ukraine in the internal affairs bodies. In this time the applicant must do steps 5,6 and 7
  2. Sign a contract with University.
  3. Pay for training in accordance with the contract. After the contract for training is signed by rector, a foreign citizen is enrolled into the preparatory department or the chosen specialty.
  4. Find accommodation in a hostel.